Best opera poster of the season

Best opera poster of the season


norman lebrecht

September 21, 2016

Cosi updated to the First World War. Brilliant art.


To see a larger image, right-click to open in new tab.


  • Cuban Stallion says:

    Dear Norman,

    Could you please provide a magnifying glass?


    • norman lebrecht says:

      If you click on the pic, it ought to do what comes naturally to Cuban stallions

      • Cuban Stallion says:

        Cupcake, when I do what comes naturally to my ilk, I get immediate, visible results. When I click on your teeny-weeny image, the only thing I get is the risk of repetitive strain injury — nada más.

        • Janis says:

          If you are doing what comes naturally to a stallion, you shouldn’t get results for at least another eleven months. 🙂

          Ba-DUM-bum. I’m here until Thursday, try the veal …

  • CJ says:

    No more luck than the above commenter expanding the picture. It remains a very small thumbnail image.

  • Maria says:

    My attention was drawn to the ticket prices: £16-18, less for concessions.

    Reasonable, IMO.

  • Richard Gibbs says:

    What is so brilliant about an image which looks like a 1920s Underground poster? For something with real inspiration, they should have turned to the works of Paul Nash or Christopher Nevinson or indeed any of the many wonderful WWI artists.

  • Galen Johnson says:

    What a sad image for a comedy.