Baltimore Symphony has 10 new players, no manager

Marin Alsop introduced the ten at yesterday’s season opener.

They are: Jeannie Wiesman Getz, Chelsea Knox, Holly Jenkins, Audrey Wright, Sun Park, Se-Doo Parkand Lukasz Szyrner. So new, they are not yet lited on the orchestra’s website.

The chief exec’s seat is vacant, but they somehow managed to play.



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  • No sitting manager, yet they can still perform at their desired level??

    I think the Ft Worth board of id10t’s need to see this!

  • Norman, is there any way you can make the pictures larger on your website? They are really too tiny to see much. For example, on my 23″ (diagonal) monitor, the picture accompanying this story is 2.5″ x 2″. I can see smiling faces and some musical instruments. It would be great to see a larger image. Thank you.

      • Suggestion–Why not have the picture enlarge with a left-click? Many sites with small pictures show the mouse cursor as a magnifying glass, making it clear that a left-click produces an enlargement.

        I’m wagering that most people who visit your site don’t think to right-click. But thanks for letting me know.

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