Au secours, they’ve stolen our name

There was a public announcement in France yesterday that the fast-rising ‘Cité musicale départementale de Boulogne-Billancourt – île Seguin’ in the west of Paris is to be renamed.

And about time, too.

The new name: La Seine Musicale.

Not to be confused with the excellent Canadian classical website of near-identical name.

Think again.


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    • On a cynical note, I wouldn’t be surprised if a marketing agent somewhere actually tried peddling a name like that to an orchestra’s management team as a way to attract a younger audience (for a “modest” consulting fee of course).

  • The Canadian magazine you refer to here is known everywhere – including in French Canada – as “La Scena Musicale”, as can be seen on their website through the link provided in Norman’s post. No one ever calls it “La Scène Musicale”. Nice try, but this one is off target.

  • Seriously, we can differentiate a magazine with a local Quebec/East Ontario/Maritimes readership and a large cultural building complex in France. Besides, they have a legitimate reason to use “Seine” in their name.

    Stirring up a storm in a teacup, again.

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