Are orchestras on the way up again?

Are orchestras on the way up again?


norman lebrecht

September 24, 2016

Our pal Doug McLennan thinks they might be.

There’s been a change in the news coming out of symphony orchestras over the past summer. Usually there’s a background drumbeat of struggle as orchestras fight to stay alive. But for months now, the beat has shifted, and we’re hearing about orchestras that are not only surviving but thriving.

Read his analysis here.

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  • Robert Holmén says:

    I suspect the success examples he cites are related to their local economies being on the upswing instead of down rather than some cultural turnaround.

    The rich are more confident they can afford to give significant sums and the common folk can afford more tickets.

  • Nick says:

    Perhaps interesting that Atlanta post Alison Vulgamore is in the black and increasing its endowment. Nod! Nod! Wink! Wink! Philadelphia Board?