Another ‘half-full’ Bartok concert in Munich

Here’s the next in the series of Bartok for Europe, played by the Munich Chamber Orchestra at the Allerheiligen-Hofkirche last night. This was the downstairs area. The galleries were completely vacant.


Of the 400 seats available about 120 were occupied, according to a visitor. And perhaps half of those were paid for.

Poor Bartok.

UPDATE: The programme was:

JOSEPH HAYDN – Symphony No. 52 in C minor
SÁNDOR VERESS – Passacaglia concertante
MOZART – Oboe Concerto in C Major  KV 314
BARTÓK – Divertimento for strings

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  • Remember, Bartok is music like Elgar, Strauss, Ravel, Rachmaninov or Tchaikovxky, Xenakis and Stockhousen are MUSIC for the avant-gardists…

  • I don’t think I would go for a full Bartok concert myself so I don’t blame the public of Munich ! Music must remain a pleasure not a duty !

    • I most certainly wood! It’s all old-hat here in England in 2016! But even the Germans have to choose what they spend their money on like we do. How much were the tickets? Nothing beer drinking, and it’s not quite October … yet …

      Bartok is last century music ….

  • Quite a few contemporary music organisations are going to be in trouble if we’re going to start saying that complimentary tickets don’t count. I’ve seen “sold out” new music events where more than 50% of the audience has comprised composers, publishers, PRs, critics and their students, sisters, cousins and aunts etc…

  • I found the gentleman in the photo – who rather sat in the last row instead of going for way better seat – amusing. Kinda put the whole situation in a nutshell.

    Wonder if it makes a difference if this concert was held in a biergarten.

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