A teenager is named concertmaster in Budapest

The Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra has chosen Miranda Liu, a Liszt Academy graduate, as its new concertmaster.

Miranda, a US citizen, is just 19.




She says: ‘Izgatottan jelentem be, hogy múlt kedden a Concerto Budapest Szimfonikus Zenekar koncertmesterévé neveztek ki! Büszke vagyok arra, hogy ilyen nagy kaliberű muzsikusokkal dolgozhatok együtt, és várom a csodálatos zenét, a jövőbeli közös koncerteket Magyarországon és külföldön. Még egy álmom vált valóra!

(I’m elated to announce that last Tuesday, I was appointed Concertmaster of the Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra!!! I’m very excited to work and perform together in Hungary and abroad with some of the most respected and accomplished musicians around! Another dream come true.)’


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  • Good for her. Hope she doesn’t mind staying hungry and without a paycheck from time to time. Why do you think Fischer moved to Germany?

    • The orchestra Miranda is to play in, is not the same orchestra Ivan Fischer works with (which is Budapest Festival Orchestra). Did Ivan Fischer move to Germany because of starvation? I don’t think so… 🙂

  • She is almoast 20.. Wouldnt say she is teenager. By the way Fisher is in Budapest he doesn’t move anywhere. Concerto Budapest Symphonic Orchestra is just one of the 10 official orchestras from Budapest. She was playing ther for long time before. Not that big deal. There was concert master audition to the National Opera as well. That would be bigger deal to get in.

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