A political insider is new artistic director in Paris

A political insider is new artistic director in Paris


norman lebrecht

September 12, 2016

There was widespread discontent when the Orchestre de Paris sacked Didier de Cottignies ahead of the arrival of its new music director, Daniel Harding.

No-one in the music world has a bigger contacts book than Didier and few know more about music.

However, Didier went and Daniel was said to be considering an English mate for the job. Apparently, that was greeted by the French like a Brexit-burger with HP sauce.

So the French establishment chose one of its own.

The new Délégué Artistique at the OdP is Edouard Fouré Caul-Futy, a producer at France-Musique. His experience is entirely with baroque music. He has a lot to learn.

He also happens to be the son-in-law of Martine Aubry, former presidential candidate and still a power-broker in the Socialist Party.

Aubry’s daughter, Clémentine, is Administrator of the auditorium at the Musée du Louvre.





  • Pierre in London says:

    Yet another case of the French way of selecting the “right” candidate. In France, especially in the arts sector, no person can get ahead on merit, knowledge, global experience and skill. Quite the contrary. Nepotism, being in the right political party, being a Free Mason, having somebody on the inside to help you and being sexually appealing will all lead to sure “success in France. No wonder talented french youth escape this insanity in the thousands to build their lives and careers elsewhere. Will they ever wake up in France?

  • db says:

    He is, much more importantly, artistic director at the Fondation Royaumont and as such his experience is much broader than just baroque. Also, there is no accent aigu in his name.

    • MKL says:

      He wasn’t artistic director at the Fondation Royaumont but in charge of the Voices Program (“programme voix”), dedicated to young singers, baroque and ancient music. The “head” of classical music in Royaumont is Sylvie Brély. And Royaumont isn’t a place for symphonic music.

  • Laurent Worms says:

    This is only a French internal “Free macon” problem. Nothing else.
    Tnis sect is controlin a large majority of the french classical music world. It is tking the place of a reguar union.