Yannick shoulders the push-up challenge

Yannick shoulders the push-up challenge


norman lebrecht

August 04, 2016

Message from the incoming music director of the Metropolitan Opera:

I accept the challenge of my friend Weston Sprott from the MET Orchestra. 22 push-ups for 22 days, in support of the U.S. Veterans who commit suicide every day as a result of post traumatic syndrom.
I am challenging my friend Joseph Conyers from the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Day 1 of 22: Push up challenge!
I have been challenged to do 22 push ups for 22 days by: Weston Sprott

I’m doing push ups every day for 22 days to bring awareness to the tragic fact that 22 VETERANS COMMIT SUICIDE EVERY DAY. The goal is to raise awareness of our Service Members who are battling this disorder.

Once you are nominated your 22 days starts the following day.
* Every day you record yourself doing 22 push-ups, try your best to reach 22. If that means doing assisted (from your knees) push-ups or that you have to stop and take a break that’s fine but try to get them all done in one video.
* Every day you must nominate a different person (even if you don’t have 22 friends), try to choose people you think will want to do this and/or have the ability to do it.
* And finally, this is a simple way to get the word out about a matter that more people need to be aware about. These brave men and women put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms only to get out and feel lost. It’s sad that so many good veterans feel that suicide is the only way out.
How it works:
Video yourself executing 22 push ups.
Post video to social media using hash tags below. Tag friends to continue to spread the word. Copy and Paste after editing who nominated you and who you are nominating?

Please spread the word that veteran suicide is not the answer.
A new video will be posted each day for the next 22 days, each with someone new being challenged. Take the time to reach out to a veteran you know today. And if you’re a veteran who’s struggling, call 1-800-273-8255 or text at 838255. I am challenging Joseph!!



  • James Alexander says:

    Go Maestro Go!
    Great cause!

  • Respect says:

    Love that we have a leader of social conscience as well as immense gifts. Finally!