Will Berlin Philharmonic receive state funding?

The orchestra is funded lavishly by the city-state of Berlin, but the federal government is showing an interest in taking a stake in such prestige institutions as the Philharmonic and Berlin’s state opera on Unter den Linden as part of its national portfolio.

Current reports say the federal Culture Minister Monika Grütters is driving for more centralised distribution.

It’s an interesting environment where government bodes are actually competing to give more money to the arts.

Read here.

Monika Grütters

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  • I would prefer that “on top of base financing” money for those who are great to be even greater is given to more specific projects and people, not as a rain check. We have already too much nepotism in the classical music world. We don’t need higher ivory towers. We need support for spreading the message and educating people in the arts.
    The Barenboims and Berlin Philharmonics of this world are doing fine.

    What about supporting the ailing classical recording industry with funding for recording commercially challenging repertoire for instance?

    • Fine idea, but sadly already too late. If the people in charge would have wanted to let this orchestra keep on, a federal funding would not have been necessary anyway. But killing it was the issue, and so it happens.

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