US orchestra votes to strike

US orchestra votes to strike


norman lebrecht

August 17, 2016

Musicians of the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra in upstate New York have authorised a strike if they don’t get a pay rise before the year is out. It would be the first work stoppage in the history of the orchestra, founded in 1929.

Buffalo News reports that the 74 musicians are paid $9,230 for the nine-week season, with a housing allowance of about $6,000.

The music director is Rossen Milanov.

rossen milanov


  • Alvaro says:

    Who needs an orchestra in Chautaqua? I bet 1/2 a million Dollars Lebrecht couldnt point out chautaqua in a map w/o google.

    Why do they need this there, when theres medici Tv, youtube, and -coming soon- virtual reality.

    Oh, I forget, The arrogance that every city needs an orchestra, thats why.

    All clear now…

  • La Verita says:

    Chautauqua is a MUSIC FESTIVAL, not a city! Geez…

    • John says:

      And an extremely good one!

    • Standingstones says:

      I hate to break it to you but there is a Chatauqua NY.

      • Standingstones says:

        Make that Chautauqua NY

      • La Verita says:

        There is a “Chautauqua Institution, NY” – this is a gated, private village for summer residents, built around a school that features programs for Music, Drama, Art, Religion, Philosophy, Dance, etc. There are 8 weeks of performances, including concerts, opera, ballet, lectures, art shows, etc. It’s not a year-around city, it’s a summer community.

        • Standingstones says:

          Once again, Chautauqua NY 14722, a town of about 4,462. Yes, there is an Institution, but there is a living breathing town as well.

  • Harold Kupper says:

    “Better to be thought a fool
    Than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Well played Alvaro, well played.

  • Reva Youngstein says:

    Chautauqua is a place that sees the great value in all the arts, and appreciates what LIVE performance can do for the individual and for society. These highly trained and incredibly talented performers in the CSO generously share their beautiful music with their audiences for every concert, and the audience members leave better. That’s what live performance does, and that is what Chautauqua boasts – that you come here for a vacation, but you leave not only refreshed but BETTER. Just ask one of the countless ardent supporters of the orchestra if they don’t need live performance, and you will get a passionate “YES WE DO