Update: Steinway boss disappears

Update: Steinway boss disappears


norman lebrecht

August 23, 2016

No sooner was Steinway’s owner added to the Donald Trump team than the man who negotiated the company’s sale to John Paulson left his job without explanation. Cause and effect?

Not a word from either side. Total silence.

Michael Sweeney has been replaced as CEO by Steinway lifer Ron Losby.

Sweeney is a former president of Starbucks.

michael sweeney


  • Tim Walton says:

    Anyone who follows that moron Trump doesn’t deserve to run a car boot sale, let alone an eminent company.

    Good riddance to him

    • Pianofortissimo says:

      It is important to see the world in an objektive way. Do not fool yourself. People can criticize Trump for many different reasons, but a guy who makes so much Money and can influence so many people is absolutely no moron.

      • Mikey says:

        Of course a guy who can make a lot of money is not a moron.
        But what does that have to do with Donald Trump?

        • Tim Walton says:

          Sorry I missed a word out of my comment.

          It should have said Dangerous Moron.

          My apologies for the missing word.

      • Una says:

        And the American people alone have got their two candidates of their own choosing, one of which to.be the next potential President …

  • mario lutz says:

    he was synthesized with a synthesizer…¿¿¿???

  • V.Lind says:

    Wish he could disappear his candidate with him.

  • Plush says:

    LUv T R U M P
    We need him.

    • Tim Walton says:

      God Help us. How stupid can Americans be. By the look of it VERY STUPID

      If Trump wins he will be a danger to the whole world.

      • Una says:

        I doubt it … he’s only saying what a lot of people are thinking and saying among themselves. Not my cup of tea, but then neither is another Clinton with a plastic smile and her pointing finger, but a danger to.the world? Doubt it.

        • V.Lind says:

          Have you READ (or heard) any of his foreign policy views? Not to mention his domestic ones…the man is a walking force field of ignorance writ large — and loud — and the most appalling thing of all is the so-called justification that 32%, or whatever it is, of Americans support him. That is not to Americans’ collective credit.

      • Greg Hlatky says:

        My moral and intellectual superiors tell me there’s absolutely no way he can be elected. Only a few Jesusland peasants who have never been to Salzburg or Glyndebourne are voting for him. So don’t worry, Hillary! is destined to be POTUS 45.

      • Petros Linardos says:

        You must be referring to the 32% of Americans who have a favorable opinion of Trump. In a better world that percentage should be a fraction of that. Yet keep in mind that 62% of Americans have a negative opinion of him.

  • Bo Bergkvist says:

    The world is watching. We were embarrassed when you re-elected that Bushastser, but now…

    • Greg Hlatky says:

      We also elected Obama, The Smartest Man In The World, twice. I don’t see that it made much difference in foreign perceptions of the US. Nor do I see why we should listen.

      • V.Lind says:

        That Americans “[don’t see why we should listen” pretty much defines what’s wrong with America.

      • Derek Williams says:

        Well done on Obama. Bush? Not so much. The GOP, and Trump nominee? Even less, but there’s still time. Just.