Two conductors who have sought Russian citizenship

Two conductors who have sought Russian citizenship


norman lebrecht

August 28, 2016

The Putin TV channel has been counting westerners who migrate to the Russian haven.

Two conductors among them, an Italian…

fabio mastrangelo

and a Greek.



  • John Borstlap says:

    Without doubt there will have been people who, in the thirties, moved to nazi Germany.

    • Peter says:

      Nonsense comparison. Russia is not Nazi Germany. Far from it. Find a different brain washing detergent or even better try to cleanse the system. It is frightening to witness how easily also intelligent people fall for dumb propaganda, if it is just persistent and systematic.

      • Milka says:

        You are correct there is no comparison to Nazi Germany, the eastern tyranny while just as bad has lasted some quite 200+ yrs . in one form or another .You can start with 1762
        until the present in whatever costume it cares to present itself .Careful crossing bridges .

        • Paulo says:

          It was this “eastern tyranny” that destroyed 70% of the nazi war machine. But, of course there were momentos since 1762 that they were, indeed, a tyranny. But don’t forget the other tyranny, wich started in 1776, and was and is responsible for millions of deads (not their own citizens, their not stupid).

  • Max Grimm says:

    No surprise, in both cases. Currentzis has lived and worked in Russia since the 1990s and used to be married to a Russian ballet dancer.
    Fabio Mastrangelo is also a longtime resident of Russia, is married to a Russian and is Artistic Director, Music Director, Principal Conductor and/or Principal Guest Conductor of 4 or 5 Russian ensembles and 2 summer music festivals there.

  • AB says:

    Come on! Currentzis has been living in Russia for more than 25 years. He built an orchestra and a choir there and thank to him there is more than intense music life in Perm… Can you imagine that every 6 months you have to apply for a new visa for over than 25 years? I hope, that the pass will spare him some more time for the music.

  • Victoria says:

    He lives in Russia about 25 years and has a great credits as conductor and director. He can make any project and many of them became a bright event of the Russian music life.

  • Leo says:

    It is quite a pity that such a respectable source does not comprehend processes going on in Russia in the least. For eample, the last piece of ‘dumb propaganda’ I heard from CNN before quitting watching them (it happened that they talked about the situation I personally witnessed around me).
    But never expect too much of people not accustomed to using their own brains.

    Regarding both named – everyone here would envy their career and the respect they have in Russia (again, one of them I know personally and worked with) if they only knew. I am convinced that they would not have even 10th part of it in their native countries.

  • Nikos Salingaros says:

    Dear Mr. Borstlap,

    Sorry, but this comment is unworthy of your great musical talents and usual insight. The talented Currentzis made his musical career in Russia, and his working base is Perm, so it’s only natural that he become a citizen. I happen to know that the mother country (Greece) never helped him in any way, which is a great pity. Russia — even during its darkest political eras — has always supported the musical arts.

    Kind regards,
    Nikos Salingaros