The ‘naked violinist’ case takes a last unhappy twist

German tabloids have been following Stefan Arzberger, former first violin of the Leipzig String Quartet, since his return last month from New York, where he had been detained after an incident in a hotel.

Stefan, 43, was accused of rampaging naked through the hotel and attempting to strangle a fellow-guest in another room. He was granted bail but could not leave the country. Friends, colleagues and his wife, Doreen, raised funds for his upkeep and preserved his morale until the case was settled.

Now Bunte magazine has published an interview with Doreen saying their marriage is over.


Stefan’s former colleagues in the Leipzig Quartet have tweeted: Very romantic to finish a marriage by a simple Whatsapp message.

Clearly, all is not well in that relationship either.

UPDATE: Stefan Arzberger has requested us to clarify that the article was not authorised and his wife had not informed him of it. We are happy to oblige.

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  • Playing in a string quartet has its dangers. One hears often about such emotional adventures of quartet players after having included Beethoven’s opus 95 in their repertoire.

  • The main point here is that despite Doreen’s tireless work fundraising and letter-writing, Stefan started a relationship with a new woman, a German working at UN in NY. back in March this year.

    Really Doreen could easily have let him rot after all her earlier humiliations.

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