The future of opera stage design?

The future of opera stage design?


norman lebrecht

August 26, 2016

This looks remarkably like a digital background set…. they are coming more and more into use.

The production is Cenerentola at the Innsbruck Festival.

cenerentola innsbruck

Photos: Innsbrucker Festwochen/ Rubert Larl


cenerentola innsbruck2

UPDATE: The designer assures us (see Comments) that this is not a digital set. It’s hand-painted.


  • Albert says:

    I think that’s “Il matrimonio segreto”, not Cenerentola…

  • jaxon says:

    What does “digital background set” mean?

    If you mean this looks like a flat screen onto which a “set” is projected, I disagree. It looks pretty 3D to me. But then, the picture is so teeny tiny I couldn’t say for sure.

  • André Barbe says:

    This is not a digital background !
    This is an entirely painted set on a raked stage.
    All the elements were constructed and painted sometimes using false perspective as in the creation of the backdrop.
    It is ” Il Matrimonio Segreto” presents at the Innsbrucker Festwochen and not Cenerentola.
    I should know, I am the set and costume designer who sling with director Renaud Doucet, imagined and created this production.
    André Barbe

  • Renaud Doucet says:

    This is the Opposite of digital set. It is an entirely Painted set the good old fashion way. Nothing will replace the hand of a good designer and an excellent set painter. What is fantastic is the the souls that transpire into those work of arts. Digital images rarely create the same effect.
    Also it is Il Matrimonio Segreto at the Innsbruck Festival of ancient music and the Set & Costume designer is ANDRE BARBE

  • Cadogan West says:

    I attended Innsbrucker Festwochen for 10 years mostly when Rene Jacobs ran it, have to say after Sarah Wilson left married Wiedl and ended up doing the Easter Salzburg it never was quite the same. I found the guest operas actually were better. Di Marchi is ok but he needs a real motorbike not that daft scooter!