Sibelius great-grandson goes on the rap

Sibelius great-grandson goes on the rap


norman lebrecht

August 22, 2016

Lauri Porra’s new work “Kohta” for rapper, symphony orchestra and omniwerk was premiered on Friday by the Finnish radio orchestra, conductor Dalia Stasevska.

Porra is the son of Sibelius’ granddaughter and bassist of a heavy metal band, Stratovarius.

You can watch the performance by clicking here.

Lauri Porra with rapper Paperi T
Lauri Porra [r] with rapper Paperi T:


  • David Osborne says:

    Oh God no please stop this is madness! I will repeat an earlier facebook post, because it doesn’t seem to have sunk in yet: If you are a composer of new music and are thinking of incorporating some HipHop- Put the pen down slowly and walk away from the desk… Preferably forever…

    • Michael says:

      What’s wrong with trying something new and fresh? At least they are doing something that will attract a younger audience? The Boston Pops Orchestra have been doing this sort of thing for years. Arthur Fiedler once said ALL Music Is Good Except For The Boring Kind.

  • David Osborne says:

    Trust me, this is the kind of cross cultural mis-match more likely to send younger audiences screaming in the other direction. It smacks more of being what out of touch academic elites think might appeal to younger audiences, they have no clue… and I haven’t even touched on the very serious cultural appropriation issues that apply specifically to the HipHop genre.

    • Lauri Porra says:

      Dear Mr. David Osborne, as the composer of this particular piece who did not, to your unfortunate dismay, slowly walk away from the desk. Might i inquire you if you in fact listened to the piece in question or did you just made up your mind on the matter by reading the flashing headline?

      • Matt D says:

        Mr. Porra! It is a privilege to see a post from an actual decendant of Johan Julius Christian Sibelius himself! Your great-grandfather holds a very special place in my heart. His music is to me among the most powerful ever composed, and while many composers wrote great, stirring, thought-provoking music, Sibelius moves me in a very unique way, unlike any other. I love his music! I will be sure to view your performance. BTW, I see a bit of your great-grandfather’s face in you (though not his hairline!). Are you the grandson of Margareta?

      • William says:

        Sibelius the greatest Finn composer.

  • David Osborne says:

    Dear Mr Lauri Porra, yes of course – not sure what you’re suggesting there. Although I did end up skipping through various points. It is not to my taste. Sorry, my point is clear enough and I am emphatically not going to get into a personal discussion on this forum with another composer about his or her work.

  • Mariellen Jacobson says:

    Very interesting. I would love to see an English translation of the text side-by-side with the Finnish.

  • luciano tanto says:

    …la decadencia de Occidente.

  • Matthew DeNero says:

    Judging on Porra’s face, I would say he is the grandson of Margareta Sibelius Jalas.

  • Matt D says:

    Based on Porra’s face, I would bet he is the grandson of Margareta Sibelius Jalas, Jean’s fifth daughter. The Sibeliuses had six daughters, the fourth, Kirsti, died in infancy.