NY Phil trumpet mixes it with British brass

Anyone seen Phil Smith this summer?

The veteran principal trumpet of the NY Phil is training the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain at a summer camp in Yorkshire, heart of the brass tradition.

Conductor Bramwell Tovey (who took the picture) calls it ‘one of the most inspiring sights of my career’.

He adds:

If you’re a conductor you should come to Harrogate Ladies College tomorrow and witness this masterclass in musicality, while simultaneously observing how this great and humble man uses every minute of rehearsal to maximum effect.
If you’re a brass player, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear, see and experience how one of the greatest approaches his art.
If you’re a music lover you can simply wonder how he achieves the results he does by empowering the students he leads.
Honestly, he is extraordinary – if you ever wondered how he would cope with life after the New York Phil, well, he is Philip Smith – enough said.


phil smith

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