New opera house opens tonight

Placido Domingo will sing at the opening of Dubai Opera.

dubai opening

Also taking part: Ana Maria Martínez with an orchestra from Trieste, conducted by Eugene Kohn.

placido dubai

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  • It begs the question – what makes it an opera house other than a name? Looks like it’ll be mainly showing blockbuster musicals. I checked earlier today and there were still seats for sale for Domingo’s opening gala, and lots for the operas that follow.

  • We will see…..just copying the West will not take them into the future. Interesting times and many challenges also for the Emirates.

  • Isn’t that woman showing rather a lot of FLESH for this type of venue? Best check in machetes and knives at the door.

  • The best opera soloists and symphony orchestras, famous ballet and theatrical troupes perform on the stage of the theater. Architectural masterpiece for 2000 seats, designed by the Dutch architect Janus Rostock, became the main cultural center of Dubai. Located in the heart of Downtown, Dubai Opera has surely taken its place in Dubai’s top attractions list. I advise everyone to visit there. I was lucky to attend a concert of music by Khants Zimmer. The sound is just incredibly cool. Apparently there are no cheap musical instruments in Dubai (yes, the price is very high in Dubai for everything, so I would buy musical instruments here

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