More bunkum on happiness

More bunkum on happiness


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August 07, 2016

An economist at the University of Southern Denmark, Karol Jan Borowieck, has conducted that composer write better when they are miserable.

He achieved this blinding insight by reading 1,400 letters written by Mozart, Beethoven and Liszt. The glum ones seemed to coincide with the greater works.

Using econometrics, he calculates that a 9.3 percent increase in negative emotions leads to a 6.3 percent increase in works created in the following year.

Oh, fff’s sake.

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  • John Borstlap says:

    Reading this nonsensical survey made me quite miserable, so I can look forward to better music coming from my hands next year. Thank you Karol! I had been much too happy and performers began to complain.

  • Mark Carney III says:

    Economics is charlatanism masquerading as an academic “discpline”. It has prostituted itself to the bankers and politicians under a banner of nonsensical neo-Keynesian slogans such as “printing money provides prosperity” and “deflation (prices dropping) is bad for you”. After having suffered intellectual bankruptcy in these areas, evidently economists are scraping the bottom of the barrel for other topics such as this one. Well, good luck, perhaps they won’t inflict as much damage.