Mezzo shunned by La Scala academy wins rich scholarship

Last summer, the Academy of La Scala terminated the studies of young mezzo Lilly Jørstad after two years, even though the opera house was engaging her in serious roles.

lilly jorstad


Lilly has continued to win roles since then. Now she has been awarded Norway’s Arctic Talent 2016 scholarship, worth €43,000 ($48,000), to help further her career.

Graham Spicer has the full story here.



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    • More here:

      From that linked article:

      Here is a translation of the letter Jørstad received from the Academy:

      Dear Sig.ra Jørstad,

      we regret to inform you that, in the light of considerations that emerged during the deliberations of the Teaching Faculty over the last year, the Direction of the dell’Accademia di perfezionamento per Cantanti Lirici del Teatro alla Scala considers you unsuitable to complete the two-year course you started last October.


      Luisa Vinci


      I have since heard that the decision by the teaching staff was unanimous and based on Lilly Jørstad’s vocal ability. Between you and me, I did wonder whether she had some diva-ish behaviour which rocked the boat too much, but no, it seems as though the teaching staff think that she can’t sing well enough.

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