Mariinsky plays 90 percent full under Gergiev

The season stats have been released at the Mariinsky in St Petersburg.

Attendance is high across all seven stages: the main Mariinsky Theatre for opera and ballet, the Concert Hall, Mariinsky-2 and four chamber music halls.

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  • Maybe the single music director of a major opera house who cares about his house.Most of those today do 2 weeks of rehearsal and performances,then they are off for 3 months.Coming back for 3 weeks,off for 2 months….and so on..

    • Well, Gergiev isn’t exactly known for being generous with rehearsal time.

      I’d say that the full houses are due rather to the fact that tickets are very affordable by local standards, so more people can make concertgoing a regular activity.

      • Of course they do. As almost any higher cultural institution in the cultured world does. Exceptions apply. Let’s make America great again. Let’s subsidize culture in the US by raising the top bracket marginal income tax to almost 90%, just like in those times when America was actually great, under Eisenhower and JFK.

      • Not just that but theatres would silently give out tickets that hasn’t been bought out for 1/10 of the price to pensioners and school children. Which improves the stats greatly, obviously.

  • Big state subsidies, generally affordable tickets (much more expensive for foreigners, IIRC), and a music-loving public. And a pretty high standard of production/performance.

    Though how much is Gergiev there? He always seems to be on tour with the orchestra, leading his other orchestra, or guest-conducting. We know he’s the hardest-working man in the music business, but he can’t be in two places at once.

    • That’s not actually true as I, myself, have attended Gergiev’s concerts here in Boston, London, and Moscow all on the same evening. And, I might add, he was superb, especially in London.

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