Leipzig spends two million on Bach manuscript

The Bach-Archiv is planning to buy the original score of the cantata ‘O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort’, composed in 1724 and first sung on June 11 that year.

The manuscript, twelve sheets long, is being sold by the Paul Sacher Foundation, which specialises in 20th century music, and Leipzig has been given first refusal on the acquisition until the end of this year.

The asking price is just under two million Euros and it is reported that the archive has already organised the money from public and private funds.

o ewigkeit

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  • In a recent stay in New York, I have found three sheets of music paper with punctate ink stains and 12 seemingly unused toothpicks broken in various lengths, all in a dusty yellow envelope with the initials “JC” written on. I suspect this is a lost manuscript by John Cage. I intend to sell the manuscript for $ 1 million, but can consider a lower price.

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