Is this a maestro or a burger?

McDonalds in Holland have launched a Maestro burger.

maestro shark

Can’t think who it looks like.

Any idea?

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  • It is an apt symbol of the emerging populist quasi-creative class in the country, who with a big mouth (full of rubbish) claims money (art subsidies), media attention, social status, without any cultural awareness.

    It is no coincidence that one of those maestri is a successful Dutch painter of these very symbols. In this video, the Dutch Minister of the Interior opens an exhibition where the most important Dutch national cultural symbols are celebrated:

    You will notice that among the paintings, some copies of 17C masterworks are wrapped in plastic: ready for storage in the cellar of the suppressed subconscious.

    As in the 17th century the Dutch wanted their immediate surroundings be depicted in art, and the objects of their immediate desires be immortalized, this tradition is still kept alive, only the objects have changed quite dramatically.

    • You rubbish your own culture and yet you have no criticism for the large numbers of muslims arriving in Europe who bring with them inequality with their women and a significant number who not only hate homosexuals but actually maim or threaten anyone who dares criticize their religion.

      • a) Dutch is not my culture
        b) Your generalizations are born from ignorance
        c) I live in a city filled to the brim with immigrants, 98% completely assimilated

          • Immigrants from muslem countries who settle in Europe often have their cultural prejudices eroded simply as a result of living in another context. The idea that women in muslem cultures are per definition suppressed, is one of such prejudices, but then in the west. Which does not mean that the prejudices about women in muslem countries don’t exist, but one should not generalize. For instance, in Pakistan (an official muslem state), national TV programs expose deep family conflicts caused by mental modernization of younger women, and attendant psychologists try to gently break-down old patriarchal attitudes. You see the rubbing of western modern values (which cannot be stopped) and eastern traditional values (which provide identity) warring with each other. Also, even in traditional communities, often the men are given their theatre in public space to feel ‘masculine’, while at home it is the women who are in charge of everything. That is what the warning for generalization means.

      • Please send your racist and moronic comments to a more appropriate website. May I suggest fox “news”? It seems the right place for you since it’s full of brain-dead trumpettes…

        • My husband and I have been lamenting the costs of Islam in the West just recently – France has soldiers on every corner, Germany has deployed troops to its streets for the first time since WW2, airlines have extensive monitoring processes and equipment, and now even churches and schools need to have visible security details – all paid for by the taxpayer. And all this, as we’re told, is because a few bad apples have a mental disorder (or don’t have a job, friends, or still can’t get over the Crusades). If we can’t articulate this in public due to being squeamish about being labelled Islamophobic, you would think there’s got to eventually be an economic argument to be had. And there will be.

    • And that reminds ME of the famous words to Rossini’s Barber of Seville overture (I hope I’m remembering them correctly):

      I hate Rossini
      And Bellini
      And Pachelbel

  • That apostrophe in “Extra’s” is giving me indigestion.

    I mean, to me, the burger looks like Trump. But that may just be because I can’t get away from images of the man.

    • “If we could get Russia to help us get rid of ISIS, if we could actually be friendly with Russia, wouldn’t that be a good thing? They say Putin likes Trump. And he said nice things about him. He called me a genius. He said we’re going to win. That’s good. That’s not bad. That’s good. You know some of my opponents said, we want you to disavow that segment. Why would I disavow? Why?” (Donald Trump speaking yesterday at a campaign rally in Mechanicsburg, just outside of Harrisburg.)

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