In this Barber, all the musicians are younger than the composer (and he was only 23)

In this Barber, all the musicians are younger than the composer (and he was only 23)


norman lebrecht

August 05, 2016

Message from Gaetano Lo Coco, 20 years old and music director of the Rossini 2016 Young Artists’ Opera Festival in London:

On 12 September 2016 we will be putting on a spectacular staging of The Barber of Seville at Cadogan Hall, featuring some of the most talented young singers from across the world, who have already debuted in international opera houses including the ENO, Glyndebourne, La Fenice (Venice) and Cape Town Opera.

What is particularly exciting is that Rossini wrote his comic masterpiece when he was only 23 and all the musicians and artists involved in our festival, performing in our Barber, are just as young. 2016 is the 200th anniversary of the opera and we are daunted and honoured in equal measure to be performing it in such an historic year.

gaetano lo coco


  • Marg says:

    Would have been nice to see a list of the principal ‘under 23′ singers who’ve already debuted in international opera houses’.

    • MarieTherese says:

      Marg, they have to start somewhere and I think this is terrific! There is absolutely no need for a festival like this to have singers who have already sung in “A-level” or even “B” or “C” houses; these are young people who are a a couple of years out of graduate school and are gathering roles for their resumes, something not all that easy to do nowadays unless one has a family who is able to shell out $$$ for a bunch of pay-to-sing programs around the world (and believe me when I tell you that those are quite costly). Performers need more of these sort of festivals, lots more!
      If I’ve misunderstood you’re intentions in your post, please forgive me.

  • William Safford says:

    When I first read the title, I assumed that the topic would be Samuel Barber.