How to make a Proms audience laugh? Tell them a Finnish joke.

The violinist Pekka Kuusisto had the BBC Proms in stitches when he did a spot of stand-up before his encores, followed by a Finnish folksong.

Pekka told the Helsingin Sanomat: ‘I’d never been to a Proms concert before, not even to listen. It was everything they’d said it would be. The Prommers engage with tremendous energy, and I decided, OK, let’s do this together.’

They should book him for the last night.

pekka kuusisto

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  • He was absolutely hilarious in his encore. The absence of political correctness was such that only a comedian would get away with it. I wasn’t sure though about his rendition of the Tchaikovsky though which lacked a bit of passion.

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