Horror: ‘Ex-wife smashes up my violins’

Horror: ‘Ex-wife smashes up my violins’


norman lebrecht

August 18, 2016

The following video has been posted today on Youtube by ‘AV Daniel Violin’, who has posted other videos about Daniel Olsen Violins. We are trying to establish if there is a connection.

The accompanying message reads: ‘SOS HELP. コメントを残して、広げてください。
House demage by ex-wife
ショック!日本の皆さん見てください!!Shock, must see.’


  • cabbagejuice says:

    human tsunami, but worse because intentional

  • Sue says:

    Are you sure he’s not just a “hoarder”? (I saw a program on TV recently about “hoarders” and one woman had several boxes full of old books and the top one on a pile read “Organizational Psychology”!!!!)

    • cabbagejuice says:

      Oh please, don’t you know that violin makers have many instruments they own and also work on commission? Why in tarnation would he want them smashed up and what does that have to do with hoarding anyway? Other valuable things were also destroyed like cameras.

      • Daniel Olsen says:

        Hello, my name is Daniel Olsen and it is my house being demaged by my wife (now ex). I am a violin maker and violin shop owner. Some of the violins smashed were made by my hands (include the one went to the international violin making competition in 1993), and the rest are on comission. The loss of value is 1.3 million USD

    • Chuck Kay says:

      Hoarding? You have obviously never seen a hoarder. The value of hoard is close to $1.5 million. One of them is Amati. Amati was the favorite violin of Paganini until he lost to gamble. It is not an exaggeration, when I say Amati started the violin as we know today. I don’t think his is Grand Amati, a bigger version of Amati, but I maybe wrong. If it was Grand Amati, boy… It would break my heart.

  • DAVID TAYLOR says:

    Lucky he wasn’t home!