Every new gift to this orch will be matched by current donors

The Rochester Philharmonic in upstate New York has been through turbulent times, but no-one has ever doubted the fidelity of its fond supporters.

Now a group of them have clubbed together tom pledge that every new $ given to the orchestra will be matched by an equal $ from present supporters.

This, so far as we know, is a first. And it seems to be unlimited: give $10m and they’ll put in $10m.


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  • Great news for the RPO but it should also be noted that it’s a total $100,000 match they are offering and the deadline is August 31.

    • The RPO is trying to attract new donors and encourage current ones to increase their giving. That’s why the up-to-$100,000 match only applies to “new and increased” contributions. It’s hardly a novel concept in US charitable fund-raising; indeed, it’s a rare campaign that doesn’t use this approach. If a big donor or group is big donors wants to give, say, $100,000, it will provide greater long-term benefit to the organization if it’s used as a “match” to attract new small donors, who may stick around and/or buy more tickets.

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