Every new gift to this orch will be matched by current donors

Every new gift to this orch will be matched by current donors


norman lebrecht

August 03, 2016

The Rochester Philharmonic in upstate New York has been through turbulent times, but no-one has ever doubted the fidelity of its fond supporters.

Now a group of them have clubbed together tom pledge that every new $ given to the orchestra will be matched by an equal $ from present supporters.

This, so far as we know, is a first. And it seems to be unlimited: give $10m and they’ll put in $10m.



  • Larry says:

    Great news for the RPO but it should also be noted that it’s a total $100,000 match they are offering and the deadline is August 31.

    • MahlerGrooves says:

      I’m glad someone is doing research.

    • Stephen Owades says:

      The RPO is trying to attract new donors and encourage current ones to increase their giving. That’s why the up-to-$100,000 match only applies to “new and increased” contributions. It’s hardly a novel concept in US charitable fund-raising; indeed, it’s a rare campaign that doesn’t use this approach. If a big donor or group is big donors wants to give, say, $100,000, it will provide greater long-term benefit to the organization if it’s used as a “match” to attract new small donors, who may stick around and/or buy more tickets.