Daniel Barenboim says: Welcome to my Youtube channel

Launched today, in English:

And here’s his first five-minute chat on Brahms’s first piano concerto:

More to come!


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  • Daniel is a monumental bore. Shut up and play, maestro. “Some political ones..?”. Oh, we get it now.

      • Wait till he tells you all about his new piano, the “Barenboim Steinway”. Ego as bit as all outdoors.

        • ..and last time I saw him playing that piano it was bog standard. Sadly for Barenboim, he is also bereft of a sense of humour.

          • Brahms PC 1 in a 5 minute nutshell, minus the self-promotion of about a half minute – yawn!
            BTW, the piano doesn’t get just the lyrical parts in the in 1st movement. Also, the first time I heard that the very Bachian (not mentioned at all) 3rd movement had “gypsy” influence.

  • It’s great – thanks for alerting us to this.

    It surprises me how s-l-o-w-l-y Barenboim speaks in interviews and things. I once crashed a rehearsal with CSO and he was talking very quickly.

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