Claims of violent conduct at Italian classical festival

Claims of violent conduct at Italian classical festival


norman lebrecht

August 26, 2016

We reported yesterday that Musicfestperugia had shut down because of the nearby earthquake.

This, it appears, was not the full story.

The festival director Ilana Vered has accused the Romanian conductor Mihnea Ignat of attacking and ‘choking’ one of the teachers, John Holloway.

Holloway posted later that he is okay.

The police were called.

Mihnea Ignat posted:

1. The Italian Police declined on site the possibility of charging me or any other member of the orchestra with any kind of crime against any staff member of Music Fest Perugia as there were no crimes committed as far as they were concerned.

2. They also acknowledged the fact that Music Fest Perugia was not fulfilling the payments stated in the contract with the orchestra and with the conductor and advised us to hire a lawyer and pursue legal actions as they lack the legal means to force Music Fest Perugia to comply with the contract conditions.

3. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Ilana Vered musicianship as I also have the same feelings towards all the faculty members of the Music Fest Perugia. We shared magical moments on the stage and I will not let anything take that away. I am deeply shocked to find out that such a wonderful musician can agree and promote such an injust way of treating the young musicians of our orchestra who played their hearts out for the festival.

Ilana Vered writes: He refused to conduct the concert if not paid in advance in cash and walked out at intermission, then returned after a long while.

Perugia claims to be ‘the only festival in the world that provides almost all of its participants the experience and thrill of playing as a soloist with orchestra.’

We have sought further clarification.



  • Novagerio says:

    Again, italian festivals, like the theaters “forget” to pay, despite making you pay for travel and hotel etc….
    Google Enrico Castiglioni Taormina Opera and get a similar insight…