Can texting harm the singing voice?

Can texting harm the singing voice?


norman lebrecht

August 04, 2016

Voice coach Christianne Roll finds that many of her students have begun to slouch as a result of their texting habits. That, she warns, could kill the singing voice:

Voice teachers and singers understand that physical posture directly affects the quality of the singing voice.  Posture is usually addressed in the first voice lesson, and in this age of more casual stances, singers typically need numerous reminders about this issue.

In my first years of voice teaching, I often noticed the slumped and rounded shoulders of my musical theatre singers. Their physicality could be fixed by suggestions such as “stand up straight,” “shoulders back,” and “keep the sternum lifted.” Proper alignment usually appeared, and overall singing ability improved.

Millennial Forward Head Posture 

However, in the past few years, I realized that those suggestions of “shoulders back” were no longer completely effective….

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  • Petros Linardos says:

    I am not into texting, so here is my question: how is the posture for texting different from, say, reading a book?

    • Peter says:

      umm, quantity?
      How often did you see people reading book downtown while walking?
      And how many are texting? Almost all of them (below 40).
      Wer are going back to the ape walk.

  • Novagerio says:

    Just bring back the neck in upright position after reading what ever you are holding! 😀

  • Dave says:

    I wouldn’t worry so much about the singing voice as smartphones turning your mind to mush.