Breaking: Cecilia Bartoli calls in new conductor

Breaking: Cecilia Bartoli calls in new conductor


norman lebrecht

August 05, 2016

It’s not clear what has happened to the experienced Diego Fasolis, whose name is on the playbills, but Edinburgh’s Norma has called in Gianluca Capuano to conduct the three festival performances, starting tonight.

This is a very late replacement.

Capuano is a Milanese baroque scholar, founder of the ensemble Il canto di Orfeo,.





  • Emil Archambault says:

    Capuano’s the chorus master of the production, so he was already there.

  • Novagerio says:

    The pinnacle of Belcanto with a baroque complex?….Great….

  • tristan says:

    it doesn’t matter as Bartoli herself is a pain as Norma

  • Alan Munro says:

    I was there. I think Norma one of the most over rated of all operas.

  • marklourie says:

    Dear friends, I am a professional musician. It is so sad to read these comments. The world becomes every day more and more materialistic. Some people are no longer able to feel real emotions. I was there for Norma with my wife. Each seat at the Opera needed to be equipped with tissues. Majority of people could not hold their tears including man. Emotions as such are rare today, if at all available on big stages. Give it another try, close your eyes and ask yourself a question: what do you really feel when you listen with your eyes closed. Try to let go of your opinions life experience and expectations. Try not to compare anything with Bartoli. After all, history will decide the fate of the artists, the ones that shall “survive” and which ones should be forgotten. I’m a frequent reader of Mr. Lebrechts news. I never express my opinion. After reading Slippedisc comments and YouTube comments, I have now mixed feelings. On one hand, it’s wonderful, people are able to express themselves freely and share opinions. On the other hand, I wonder, would the nature of these comments change, if the condition to participate in forums would be to reveal your identity, and to put your valid photo. Sometimes I think these forums bring the worse in people. Maybe, this is the cause as to why classical music is in decline. These forums may lead to degradation of little what is left of human values. Internet is using our weaknesses to create traffic and get us more and more attached to the virtual life, meanwhile real life is out there and we may be missing out on real experiences of communication. I’m not against comments, but please ask your self some question before criticizing someone else. Have you dealt with your own imperfections? Do you realize the titanic efforts musicians are undertaking when creating a project such as Norma, be it Bellini or Bartoli…

  • Leon Levitt says:

    I have heard hundreds of coloraturas in my lifetime (I am 93), as a non-professional classical and opera lover, and I find Bartoli consistently thrilling in her ability to do complex baroque passages in lovely timbre. I include such great artists as Lily Pons and Bidu Sayao, both deservedly revered to this day, whom I heard live more than once each onstage at the Met.