Apocalyse Now director is checking out Bayreuth

Apocalyse Now director is checking out Bayreuth


norman lebrecht

August 15, 2016

Francis Ford Coppola, a well-known music lover, is summering with Wagner.

francis ford coppola in bayreuth

Photo: Ronald Wittek/NB-Kurier


  • Observer says:

    No surprise. He uses Ride of the Walkyries in the Apocalypse soundtrack.

  • Bill Lloyd says:

    And his father, Carmine Coppola, played in Toscanini’s NBC Symphony Orchestra. Brief biography here

  • Christopher Stager says:

    And his “Godfather” consiglieri was named “Hagen”

  • flip the frog says:

    What, no snarky comments about this? There sure were a few unhappy readers a few months ago when Slipped Disc reported similar news about his daughter directing opera.


  • M A says:

    And his uncle, Anton Coppola, has been composing and conducting opera for decades, and continues to do so at the age of 99. Francis consulted with him on his soundtrack choices many times over the years, and he was a driving force behind Nino Rota being hired for the “Godfather” score.