Anna Netrebko: My husband needs to work hard

Another revealing statement from the diva, this time at today’s Salzburg press conference. From the official report:

netrebko evvazov


Her husband Yusif Eyvazov is currently singing the role of Renato Des Grieux at her side.

“I am very proud of him. He mastered his Salzburg debut with bravura,” Anna Netrebko says. “I still remember hearing him for the first time in Rome two and a half years ago. I was impressed by his talent, but he had to learn to use it the right way. He is working hard on himself and on his voice.”

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      • I think she was sewn into it!! 🙂 That’s the trouble with a lot of clothes that are wrong – you see them before the actual person. And you’d think she’s get a fashion or design consultant on the job with the money she and hubby have!

  • Judging from yesterday’s Des Grieux, there is still a long way to go. She deserved a Björling such was the standard of her performance.

    • Björling was the greatest Des Grieux on record and Netrebko the best Manon Lescaut I have heard live. Just that.

  • In one of P.G. Wodehouse’s books he refers to a similar situation describing the lady and her dress as “It was as if someone poured her into the dress and forgot to say when”

    • In ‘Very Good, Jeeves’ it is the Right Hon. A.B. Filmer who is described as “a tubby little chap who looked as if he had been poured into his clothes and had forgotten to say ‘When!’”. Perhaps Wodehouse applied the simile to a female character elsewhere.

      • Thank you! It has just brought to mind two singularly amorphous persons of authority in the British arts sector.

  • Wow. Catty, catty, catty! MEEEEE-OWWW! She made an encouraging statement about her husband. What difference does it make how she fills her clothes? In much of the world, she would be considered voluptuous. This snark is why I hate opera blogs. I only read them when someone send me a link. be grateful that you live in a time when you have an embarrassment of riches in opera singers, and the recordings of those who are no longer with us.

    • Two words for you : Deborah Voight. When you are in the public eye and you bloat up, don’t be surprised when you get criticized or even fired. Netrebko can afford people to help her slim down but she doesn’t seem to care. We shouldn’t care about her either…

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