A countertenor’s wedding

A countertenor’s wedding


norman lebrecht

August 14, 2016

iestyn davies

Many congratulations to Iestyn Davies, who got married yesterday to Gemma Lawley.


  • Marg says:

    Wishing Iestyn and Gemma all the very best for their life together.

  • Holly Golightly says:

    Thank god he’s not a castrato!!!

    • Philip Lawford says:

      This comment is, to put it politely, inane. If a man had written, in response to a story about a woman getting married, “Thank God she hasn’t suffered FGM” he would, rightly, be vilified.

      Your sense of ‘humour’, if that’s what it is, is 30, if not 60, years out of date.

      • Alaister says:

        You are confusing (deliberately?) female genital mutilation with surgical sterilization.
        Also, if the previous commenter meant ‘thank G-d he is not gay’ – that would be up to date, right?