11 Brits in race for German medals

The ARD music competion, Germany’s richest and oldest, opens tomorrow in Munich.

This year’s events are double-bass, horn, harp and string quartet.

There were 285 applicants from 44 countries.

applied               accepted

Germany                          49                       36

France                              44                       32

S. Korea                           37                        17

Japan                               28                        13

Spanien                           22                         9

Team GB                         15                         11

USA                                  15                         6

China                               12                         7



Italy                                  11                         8

Poland                             11                         4

Russia                             10                          5

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  • Oh no! The ARD music competition takes place every year in four different categories from end of August until mid of September.

  • No other blogger has the “talent” to drive on nationalistic divisiveness like Norman Lebrecht. Nobody gives a fuck about Brits or Germany in this regard, this is a music competition, may the best musician win. But somehow in this blog we keep getting these irrelevant brain damaging, mankind poisoning headlines…

    • Perhaps this is an Olympics hang-over? Looks like the Olympics medal standings to me, with “Team GB” in sixth instead of second.

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