11 Brits in race for German medals

11 Brits in race for German medals


norman lebrecht

August 28, 2016

The ARD music competion, Germany’s richest and oldest, opens tomorrow in Munich.

This year’s events are double-bass, horn, harp and string quartet.

There were 285 applicants from 44 countries.

applied               accepted

Germany                          49                       36

France                              44                       32

S. Korea                           37                        17

Japan                               28                        13

Spanien                           22                         9

Team GB                         15                         11

USA                                  15                         6

China                               12                         7



Italy                                  11                         8

Poland                             11                         4

Russia                             10                          5


  • Hugh Jorgan says:

    So does everyone has to play all four instruments?

  • Ruth Wischmann says:

    Oh no! The ARD music competition takes place every year in four different categories from end of August until mid of September.

  • Peter says:

    No other blogger has the “talent” to drive on nationalistic divisiveness like Norman Lebrecht. Nobody gives a fuck about Brits or Germany in this regard, this is a music competition, may the best musician win. But somehow in this blog we keep getting these irrelevant brain damaging, mankind poisoning headlines…

    • Wai kit leung says:

      Perhaps this is an Olympics hang-over? Looks like the Olympics medal standings to me, with “Team GB” in sixth instead of second.