Watch: Overnight piano star plays Rach 2

Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev, grandson of the indelible Russian pianist Tatiana Nikolayeva, only came second in the Sydney International Piano Competition.

But he’s the one spotted by the music biz for future stardom.

Watch him play Rachmaninov’s second concerto (ff to 45′ on the video).

arseny nikolaev

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  • Spare us yet another boring thumper . That he shows nothing but a facility in
    scampering about the keyboard is a given ,not much else .

  • Very sorry, but I have seen and heard enough performances of this work to last for the next 3 incarnations — the point of supersaturation has been exceeded.

    Now if he had played one of the other concertos in the Sidney list with a vestige of reportoire value left — for example Bartok, Medtner or Barber — then I would have clicked on the play button with alacrity.

    Will we be able to celebrate the 148th recording of Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto when this artist completes his first CD for DGG?

  • Mhhhh, grandma is a famous pianist. No win? No problem!

    Ready for another “study” about the pure, totally not corrupt, world of classical music and its altruism.

    And then you wonder why would kids stay away of this BS…….

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