Ulster Orchestra faces more cuts

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland has been trimmed by half a million pounds on its £10.95 million budget.

That reduction will impact directly on its largest single dependent, the Ulster Orchestra, which relies on £1.8m a year from ACNI.

Bad times ahead for the orchestra, and no EU aid possible.

Ulster Orchestra main image




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  • Why no EU aid possible? The UK is a member of the EU until further notice.

    Would be interesting to know a precise figure for revenue funding to UK orchestras from the EU to date.

    • There’s also EU funding to the region more generally, which will disappear. The province’s budget might need to be allocated for that work, leaving less for the orchestra.

  • In any case, any further cut will be a vicious blow to an organisation that does vital, valuable work in a neglected region of the UK – and which has only just stabilised itself (with enormous and courageous effort) after an earlier period of financial turmoil. Talk about a kick in the face.

    Given the scale of the media fuss about a couple of contractual changes at a certain London opera company earlier this year, I imagine the nation’s music critics must be absolutely hitting the roof over this potentially far more damaging crisis. Can someone please link me to the celebrity-endorsed petition, the combative Twitter account, the indignant Guardian editorial..?

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