The ‘unknown unknowns’ of classical recording

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

There used to be a truth, universally acknowledged across the record industry, that you could put out unfamiliar music with a famous artist or popular music with an unheralded performer but never attempt what Donald Rumsfeld might have called “the unknown unknowns”.

That fundamental truth was well and truly overturned by the rise of Naxos, which built its fortune on a catholic blend of neglected artists and untapped catalogue, often with salutary results. The present release is a case in point.

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And here.


Anyone recognise her?

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  • She’s hardly obscure – there are three recorded cycles of her quartets, which are superb works.

    • Well, notwithstanding how many recorded cycles of her quartets there are, I’d say that she’s still an obscure figure, at least — as Norman points out — outside of Poland.

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