The final wish of a fallen Gewandhaus cellist

The final wish of a fallen Gewandhaus cellist


norman lebrecht

July 05, 2016

Leipzig musicians are in shock at the death of Hendrik Zwiener, a member of the cello section of the Gewandhaus orchestra since 2006. Hendrik was 36. He was reportedly knocked off his bike.

Hendrik devoted his out-out work hours to two passions: cycling and the fight against extremism.

He set up a foundation in his father’s name to combat ‘nationalism, fundamentalism, extremism and hatred’. In 2014 he cycled 613 kilometres with a friend to raise funds for his foundation. He was planning further such events.

Hendrik was a musician who gave his life for good causes, to which you can donate here.

Meantime, our thoughts are with his grieving family, friends and orchestral colleagues.


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  • Doug says:

    “…combat ‘nationalism, fundamentalism, extremism and hatred’ [sic]” You left out the most important qualifying phrase to that tidbit: “in Western countries” because as far as extreme leftism is concerned, “nationalism, fundamentalism, extremism, and hatred” are not only acceptable but protected in the rest of the world, particularly the Muslim world.

  • Richard S says:

    I did not know Hendrik Zwiener, but from this brief obit he sounds like a decent and thoroughly well-intentioned human being, as well as a highly accomplished musician. His premature death is deeply sad, and must be devastating for all who knew and loved him. Why anybody should see this obit notice as the occasion for political point-making beats me.