Shostakovich captures football mayhem in a piano piece

Dmitri Shostakovich: Football, from Russkaya reka (Russian river) op. 66:



When football was fun: DSCH watching Zenit play

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  • Thinking about Shostakovich I wonder why his no 7 symphony is rarely played by major orchestras; it s not on the concert archive of Berlin digital I don’t recall the Lso ever playing in recent seasons ; the only time I ever saw it performed live was by the Cbso (nelsons) during the proms and maariinsky (gergiev), should I be ashamed for adoring it?

    • Of course not!! And the Leningrad doesn’t lack champions – Nelsons, Bychkov, Gergiev, Elder, Petrenko. There’ll be another performance over the horizon before long. 🙂

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