Senior UK pianist ‘willing to move’ to Russian-occupied Ukraine

The pianist Peter Seivewright, playing in Donetsk, is reported to have said he’d be happy to live there if he had any problems with the UK authorities on his return home.

Donetsk was seized by ‘pro-Russian forces’ in 2014 and declared independent from the Ukraine. Fighting and human rights abuses continue in the region.

Peter Seivewright is quoted in official media saying: ‘If I have any problems with the British authorities because of the visit to the DNR, then I will leave the country and I move to you. I had liked your young Republic very much so I am ready to stay in the DPR.’

peter seivewright

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  • Well said, Peter. We need more cultural links with the new republics in eastern Ukraine. What can be better than classical music for forging peace and understanding.

    • “What can be better than classical music for forging peace and understanding.”

      (See Milka’s comment below yours for proof that it doesn’t always work 🙂 )

  • One suspects a career move -based on the tragedy of others .
    A nobody in the Uk a somebody in Donetsk.
    The usual bull from MCguire.

    • (a) Huh. Never actually heard of that formal request to drop the “the” before now.
      (b) Maybe it’s a holdover of the old tendency that gave us “the Argentine” et al.

  • So What.

    If this person – never heard of him in the UK – want’s to support the illegal annexation of a country by that odious cretin called Putin than good riddance to ‘A S’

  • Each to his own…but if Peter wants to stay there for career reasons, he should say so. But the Ukrainians will get rid of this “useful idiot” when they have no more use for him (I am not calling Peter an idiot, merely quoting the term used for someone in this situation).

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