Scots principal heads for Louisville

Scots principal heads for Louisville


norman lebrecht

July 26, 2016

Julia Noone, recently an Associate Principal with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, has been named Assistant Concertmaster of the Louisville Orchestra.

Julia will share front-desk duties with the new concertmaster, Gabriel Lefkowitz.



julia noone

Louisville is seriously upgrading.


  • music lover says:

    just curious, why would she take Louisville Assistant position from Royal Scottish National Associate position?

    • Doug says:

      To get her Green Card. A nice little prize that could be useful in a career in the “industry” [spit].

      • KL says:

        Julia is American. Before Louisville, she was most recently at the New World Symphony in Miami. She didn’t have a permanent position at the RSNO – she was a guest associate principal.

        • Bruce says:

          Well crap. There was a nice little sneerfest just getting started, and you just had to go and spoil it with information. *sigh*

  • His Last Bow says:

    Nice personality and excellent violinist. Check her out playing chamber music on some older New England Conservatory videos on YT.