Scots principal heads for Louisville

Julia Noone, recently an Associate Principal with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, has been named Assistant Concertmaster of the Louisville Orchestra.

Julia will share front-desk duties with the new concertmaster, Gabriel Lefkowitz.



julia noone

Louisville is seriously upgrading.

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  • just curious, why would she take Louisville Assistant position from Royal Scottish National Associate position?

    • To get her Green Card. A nice little prize that could be useful in a career in the “industry” [spit].

      • Julia is American. Before Louisville, she was most recently at the New World Symphony in Miami. She didn’t have a permanent position at the RSNO – she was a guest associate principal.

        • Well crap. There was a nice little sneerfest just getting started, and you just had to go and spoil it with information. *sigh*

  • Nice personality and excellent violinist. Check her out playing chamber music on some older New England Conservatory videos on YT.

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