Research: Men can avoid dementia by marrying intelligent women

press release:

Men who marry intelligent women are less likely to develop dementia later in life, according to mental health experts.

Professor of mental health in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Aberdeen, Lawrence Whalley, discussed this groundbreaking discovery at the Oxford Literary Festival Thursday in a talk titled “Dementia: How Can We Protect Ourselves?”

“The thing a boy is never told he needs to do if he wants to live a longer life – but what he should do – is marry an intelligent woman,” Whalley said, according to TV3. “There is no better buffer than intelligence.”

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    • Let me guess: you think Trump would make a great president, right?
      And you wonder why the entire planet laughs at you and your country…

      • It is possible to have the correct attitude toward Leftism (that is, hold it in utter contempt) without being a Trump supporter. Why is it so difficult for people like you to see this?

      • The entire world would be right to laugh at those who have a favorable opinion of Donald Trump, namely an estimated 34% of US adults – according to polls. Reportedly 60.4 % have a negative opinion. No other presidential candidate in US history had such high percentage of unfavorable opinions.

    • Doug’s claim is actually a common one among those experiencing cognitive decline. It indicates the loss of ability to distinguish right from left.

  • The message of the article is obviously directed at both sexes, not just men.

    Of course, if it were only so easy … I believe that intelligent women tend to latch onto intelligent men (at least equally as intelligent as themselves). Can’t say for sure whether the reverse is true, however…

    (And where does that leave the rest of us?)

    • Anyway, if the reverse is not true, how many intelligent women can marry intelligent men?

      If Intelligent women try to find intelligent men, but intelligent men are not interested in finding intelligent women?

    • Obviously, that buffoon has not married his wife for her intelligence, and his dementia is therefore already showing.

    • Intelligent men are rare, so finding two is extremely difficult. God made all women intelligent for a that every man may be fortunate enough to find a far more intellectually superior, yet loving and supportive companion.

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