Philip Glass writes 11th symphony for his 80th birthday

The work will be premiered at Carnegie Hall on his birthday,  January 31, 2017.

He only started writing symphonies in 1992, inspired by David Bowie’s album, Low.

glass bowie

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    • I don’t often agree with you, John, but it appears that we see eye-to-eye on Philip “Listening To His Music Is Like Eating Broken” Glass.

  • I’m going to be a troll and say You guys are complete idiots. Glass is 1000% GENIUS. Piano Etudes alone equals inventions equivalent to any of the greatest composers. Some people hated Beethoven in his day. Kubrick’s 2001 was panned. Next generation might get the structural importance of Glass. The influence on trance music of all kinds… But you will probably never give it a chance. Ravi Shankar his beloved friend and collaborator in Passages is astonishing. His musical scores hold films together like the Hours or Kundun.

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