London’s South Bank goes political with Jeremy Corbyn Show

London’s South Bank goes political with Jeremy Corbyn Show


norman lebrecht

July 14, 2016

The Labour leader, abandoned by his parliamentary party, will appear on the stage of the Royal Festival Hall tomorrow. Details here.

The South Bank Centre is subsidised with public funds to present arts.

There are plenty of other places for politics to be discussed.

This comes very close to an abuse of purpose by the SBC’s Labour-leaning administrators.


jeremy corbyn


  • Peter says:

    I remember all the Germans complaining about exactly this issue when Masur used the stage of the Gewandhaus for political debate.

  • Gary says:

    A true storm in a teacup. Slow news day?

  • Dr Presume says:

    The SBC is there to present all the arts, not just music, and this event with Corbyn is not a political rally, it’s a discussion about politics and literature with novelist Ben Okri. Sounds like it’s slap bang in the middle of the venue’s remit to me.

    And where are these “plenty of other places” that’ll accommodate best part of 2500 people for an event that’ll probably sell out?