Law deal: Serge Dorny wins a likely million for unfair dismissal

The appeals court in Dresden has overturned a previous ruling and decided that Serge Dorny, director of the Lyon Opera, was unfairly dismissed by the Semper Opera in February 2014 before he could begin the job.

The reason for his dismissal, Dorny said, was a conflict with the music director Christian Thielemann.

Dorny is likely to win up to 1.5 million Euros in damages, amounting to the total value of his scrapped contract. But he won’t get offered his job back.

The State of Saxony and the Semperoper must now decide whether to buy out the original contract or reach a consensual settlement.

serge dorny

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  • Oh, wait, I just get a bucket to puke in….
    (especially when we know the reasons stated by the first judges : “the firing of people is not a solution to disagreements”, and we know in parallel the exact opposite statement written by DORNY himself in letters to people he fired : “le désaccord avec la Direction ne peut s’exprimer que par la démission”(or else you’re fired).

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