Last night at the Proms: Maestro loses hair control


andrew davis proms2


andrew davis proms

Terrific action pics of Andrew Davis by Chris Christodoulou/Lebrecht Music&Arts

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      • Ah ha! So NL’s assistant mate’s apprentice is named John. Well, John, Bo was only pointing out that rather a lot of posts on here have featured dead donkeys of late. Hard to deny.

          • Well I’m damned! You’ve written exactly the response I expected from you. A bit tedious, for again one has to explain that the post is what the blogger writes. What we write are comments. What Bo wrote was valid comment on the turn this blog has taken of late — a seeming obsession with posting, even if it means resorting to the utterly trivial. We come back to it for there may be a lively news item among the dead donkeys. Your reply to Bo was simply ad hominen.

      • John, if you must know I return to this blog because there’s the occasional nugget of interest in between the obituaries and clickbaits. The fact that there are few competing resources also weighs in.

        Norman is free to include whatever content he wants, and it looks like I’m free to give him my thoughts on it. And – I must say – I’ve rarely seen a topical blog with as many (seemingly futile) negative comments to the editor as this blog seems to have.

    • Bo, get a life! Just remember this is Norman’s site, not yours, and Norman can choose whatever or whoever he wants for his site. A bit of light-heartedness when the summer holidays are coming up for us in England really does not go amiss instead of lording their superiority as many do, which is just plain boring. There are plenty of other sites around if you want something more academic! Or maybe start your own 🙂

      Thanks Norman, I found that funny on a day I’ve had a lot of sadness!

      • “Norman is free to include whatever content he wants, and it looks like I’m free to give him my thoughts on it” – Do you have a reading problem, Una, or do you just like shouting at people?

  • I’m bald. Sigh…. 😉 At any rate, I assume the maestro and his colleagues made great music even greater together. Never mind the hair.

  • “hairspray [is] the most important thing for a conductor after knowing how to tie your own bow-tie, having shirts the right size and wearing braces that don’t shrink when they get humid” – Carlos Kleiber (

  • Carlos Kleiber used to say that an indispensible requirement for conducting was hair spray and braces which did not shrink in humidity!!!

    • I’ve worked with and have known Andrew for years at the BBC, and I doubt if he’d ever use something like a hairspray when he’s more concerned with the music. He’s always had lovely hair!! And such a nice and able man.

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