Justus Frantz is back on podium after savage shark attack

The German pianist and conductor is making light of surviving an attack by a shark off the shores of Hong Kong, a disaster that put him on hospital for a week with leg wounds.

‘I’m back,’ Justus told a German festival audience. ‘Let’s just forget about it.’


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  • Sharks, and their attacks, are not savages. They’re just being sharks. Now the people who kill them for soup or superstitions or vanity, they indeed are.

    • Hoping your respectful shark tribute helps guide them to a higher sense of morality the next time a great white wants to nibble on your thigh.

      The sharks in “Finding Nemo” aren’t real, you know…..

      • It’s very unlikely that sharks have any sense of morality, high or low, even those who are read up on their Aristotle. That’s just my point. That aside, I’ll do my best to avoid GWS’s, lions, grizzlies, and zika-mosquitos, just the same.

        Glad to hear that Mr. Franz is doing well, BTW. As for your condescending self, you’re not there yet.

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