How to make love work between two opera singers

You are both travelling, apart for long periods.

How do you keep the love alive and fresh?

Julie Tabash Kelsheimer, who recently married after an eight-year relationship, has some tips for distant lovers.

For instance: 2) Call more often than you text. I was lucky to have started dating my husband during a time when texting was not as popular as it is now. To this day, hearing his voice brings me a bigger smile than texting ever could. Talking to your partner allows you to get a better idea of what kind of day he or she is having, and vice versa. When my husband can hear that I’m not having the happiest day, he knows just what to say, or not say, to make my day brighter!

Read Julie’s full set of tips here, on SexiSoprano.

Julie Tabash Kelsheimer


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  • Therapist: “Do you speak with your wife after making passionate love?”
    Client: “Only when my cell phone is charged up.”

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