How German musicians say ‘well played’

According to this video report, they shuffle their feet.

berlin philharmonie beethoven 9

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  • We do it in my orchestra all the time, for well-played solos or when the conductor says something like “Here we are at the last concert of the season.”

  • It is very common to do this and it is a practice taught very early to young orchestral musicians. Why? Because the musicians can’t readily put down their instruments to applaud with their hands.

  • I’m a British musician and I’ve been shuffling since i was taught to show appreciation that way at music college in the 80’s.

  • In the Mannheim Orchestra the conductor stopped the rehearsal (!) after the new, young solo flute player played for the first time the solo in “Rosenkavalier” 1st Act and told him : ” Now you surpassed my greatest expectations”

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