Have you seen these 100 operas?

A really useful tick-box list of core repertoire from English National Opera.

Test your memory (and ticket stubs) here.

How many have you seen?

(We made it into the 90s.)

coliseum eno

Which operas are they missing?

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  • Saw less than 3/4 of this list, unfortunately.

    Missing? As usual:

    Martinu, The Greek Passion (1954-57) – one of the truly greatest operas of our time and totally topical today

    Zimmermann, Die Soldaten (1957-64

  • I wold dispute “really useful” for a list that has only two operas by Janacek (no Katya or Makropulos, among others), no Rake’s Progress or Oedipus Rex, no Bluebeard’s Castle, no Elektra, no Manon (!), and nothing at all by Maxwell Davies, or Prokofiev, or Ravel – but it does have three operas each by Glass and Adams. Weird and inadequate.

    • As for the total, I think I’ve seen 90/100.

      I’d agree about the sad lack of Martinu – either Julietta or Greek Passion – another serious gap, but there are so many of of. No Andrea Chénier is another curiosity given recent productions at ROH and ON that were both considerable successes.

  • I can’t find an edit button… “so many of those” is what I meant to type, para 2, line 2, above.

  • No Turn of the Screw – surely performed a good deal more often than Goriana? And isn’t Alceste performed more regularly than The Silken Ladder?

  • How were these pieces on the list chosen? Are they the most commonly performed pieces at the ENO?

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